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Share how you serve! Share service activities, pictures and other good news with Dena Webb and Kinohi McLoskey.  You may see yourself in stake newsletters, social media posts and publicity. 

Summer is here which means longer days and more free time!

Here are some service opportunities that are great for you to do on your own, with your family, with a friend or as a midweek activity. 

Think Love, Share, Invite when you serve in the community. 

Valley Humane Society

Make DIY enrichment crafts for dogs or cats or both.  These include no sew blankets,  cardboard cluster toys, catnip critters, crinkle toys, catnip pillows, puzzle boxes and more! 

Lasagna Love

Make and deliver a lasagna to a neighbor in the tri valley.  Lasagna Love will match you with someone in need of a warm meal. This is a ministering opportunity where you will meet the needs of a neighbor who may have recently undergone surgery, lost a loved one and is grieving, had a baby or is simply struggling to make ends meet.

Open Heart Kitchen

Many opportunities to serve the unhoused and elderly who are in need of a warm meal.  Opportunities in Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin.  Must be 16+.

Make greeting cards to brighten someone's day. Seniors at the Senior Center.  Pediatric cancer patients receiving support from Scotties Gift Foundation.  Servicemen and Servicewomen receiving packages from Pleasanton Military Families.

There are many "Little Free Libraries" throughout the Tri Valley in our neighbor's yards.  Go through your book collection and donate books you no longer want to hold on to.  Click on the link to find the "Little Free Libraries" near you. 

Learn a new skill/teach a new skill this summer and make a blanket for a local child in foster care. 

Consider hosting your own collection drive for a local food pantry.  Create your own flyers and deliver them to your neighbors.  

Free Wedding Flowers - service or activity opportunity!

Are you interested in turning a huge haul (thousands of dollars worth)  of beautiful wedding flowers into a fun service project or flower arranging activity? It can be an organized church activity or just something you do with friends and neighbors.

A wedding couple often chooses to donate all of their wedding flowers after their reception to a non-profit in the area.  Gretchen Kyle, from Big Bay Ray horse rescue, contacts me to see if our church would like to repurpose the flowers.

All you do is show up with a car or two then when the break down /cleaning crew shows up after the reception you go in and start taking flower arrangements and load them into your car(s).  Then drive away! It’s helpful  to spritz them with some water and use them within a day or two. Depending on the type of flower they can last up to a week+.

Recently a ward’s young men’s group picked up flowers , staged them in the bishop’s garage, then ym came by and  made bouquets and delivered them to ministering families, friends and members in their ward.

My husband and I picked up flowers, staged them in our garage on long tables and simply invited friends and  neighbors over to my home during a specified window of time. I left the garage door to and told them to bring their own vases and take as many flowers as they wanted. Here are some ways they were used:  friends beautified their own home, one mom had her daughter and friends deliver them to a senior care facility, another mom took a bunch and let her daughter practice flower arranging, a Sunday School teacher made small bouquets and delivered to each girl in his class, arrangements were taken to three chapels.

Let me know if you’re interested and I can answer questions and connect you with Gretchen Kyle from Big Bay Ray horse rescue!!

Dena Webb

Livermore Stake JustServe Director

September 11:  The purpose of 9/11 Day is to annually rekindle the spirit of unity, service and shared humanity that arose in the U.S. and spread around the world following 9/11, and in doing so, create a permanent tribute to those lost and injured, and the many individuals who bravely rose in service.

Today, 9/11 Day has grown to become the nation’s largest annual day of service.  More than 30 million people participate each year by volunteering, supporting charities, and performing other good deeds in the spirit of national unity and peace.


Any act of service, charity or kindness counts. Choose how you want to serve. Encourage others to serve with you! When you're done share how you served. Consider sharing with our stake how you served (and pictures if you have them) by contacting Dena Webb and/or Kinohi McLoskey.  You may see yourself in stake newsletters, social media posts and other publicity.